We have big plans. If you believe in what we're doing, consider the volunteer options below.

Event Publicity

We create a new poster design for each and every Make Shift Coffee House event. We need help spreading the posters in high volume locations in advance of the events. We are always looking for more supporters who can spread the details of our events on social media networks.

Community Outreach

Spread the word about the Make Shift Coffee House concept to the wider Maine community. Help Craig speak to more Mainers via newspaper articles, blogs, pod casts and other media sources.

Host An Event

Does your community host events that give residents a place to have civil political discussions with people of diverse opinions? If no, YOU could be the person to get it started.

Social Media Management

Share information on social media networks about our events and our organization. Post updates and news to our wordpress website. Help Make Shift Coffee House hosts create event pages on Facebook. Help us grow into new platforms to reach even more people.