Feedback and Testimonials from    In-Person Attendees

Real Feedback

We asked attendees to give us their feedback after attending a local Make Shift Coffee House event. 

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"Attending the Make Shift Coffee House after the past presidential election allowed me to both vent my own frustrations and better understand others' points of view.

Specifically, the atmosphere of mutual respect that accompanied our dialogue left me with a feeling of empathy and insight toward individuals and viewpoints that I'd thought were "evil" and intolerable before the meeting.


Make Shift Coffee House made me realize that political discussions having

because most Americans really do want what's best for everyone. My experience there also encouraged me to read - and talk to others - about beliefs that are different from my own, without feeling immediately threatened or repulsed by them.


The one thing that we all seem to agree on right now is that ‘the system’ is not working as it is. We really need to find a way to understand one another better so that we can create solutions that are better than the sum of their parts.

-Make Shift Coffee House Attendee