Bridge The Divide

A political initiative that seeks to promote political conversation amongst youth in a time of great divide in both American and global political affairs.

Bridge Alliance

Since it’s often difficult for any one group to fully capture public attention or broadly popularize solutions, Bridge Alliance is banding together to create great impact across three broad areas: civic engagement, governance and policymaking, and campaign and election processes.

The Renewal Project

Determined to find and tell the stories of prag­mat­ic prob­lem solv­ers wherever they are—whether they come from loc­al gov­ern­ment, non­profit groups, small busi­nesses, or your neighborhood, the Renewal Project celebrates innovation, resilience, and ingenuity across America.

The Better Arguments Project

The Better Arguments Project equips Americans to reach across political, cultural and economic divides to have arguments that bring us closer together instead of driving us furthe

Living Room Conversations

Many great resources here for making connections with people who are different, discussion guides, specific advice and resources for specific topics, videos, articles, and more.