Be a Make Shift Leader

Online Make Shift Coffee Houses are led by experienced facilitators.
We are volunteers who believe in the mission: helping people understand each other across differences.

steps to becoming a Make Shift leader

To be a Make Shift Coffee House Leader – in addition to believing in our cause – you need to do these things:

  1. Attend at least two Online Make Shift Coffee Houses, as a Talker or a Watcher.
  2. Send us an email and resume or other documentation that demonstrates you have facilitated meetings or discussions among people with differing and contentious views. This work is not for beginners. Do you have the skills and self confidence to facilitate a Make Shift Coffee House?
  3. Participate in a Leader Session with Craig. Scheduled every few weeks, these sessions are for new leaders to hear directly from Craig, ask questions, and discuss facilitation scenarios as a group.

Once you have done these things we will work with you to select a topic and time for your Online Make Shift Coffee House.

We want our volunteer Leaders to find this work rewarding and enjoyable. We hope that Leaders develop followings and/or do regularly-scheduled sessions. We plan to set up Leader profiles at this website. 

Maintaining our good reputation is critical. We want really good Leaders. We collect anonymous evaluations at the end of every session. We let go of non-performing Leaders.

Craig is leading the first Online Make Shift Coffee Houses to get started. Yet the idea is for Craig to step out and for others to step up, over time.

Join our cause.

Perhaps this is the thing you are supposed to do.