Make Shift Coffee House

Conversations across our differences

Award-winning format.     You're invited.

A Make Shift Coffee House is a place where people with different views talk to each other with respect. Each session is expertly facilitated. If you have a minority or unpopular view, bring it. We especially want to hear why you believe what you believe.
We want to understand different perspectives, whether we agree with them or not.

If you would like to book an online Make Shift Coffee House for your organization or community, please click here. 


To look back on the In-Person Make Shift Coffee Houses we had, please click here. 

Bring Make Shift to YOUR Community or Organization

As the Host you choose the topic and 5 participants with different views on that topic.  We take care of the rest.

We are offering custom-made online Make Shift Coffee Houses for $400 each. If money is a problem I'll do it for free.

We have the format, the infrastructure, and the expertise.

Your Make Shift Coffee House will be facilitated by me, Craig Freshley.

Topic Ideas here.    Which will you choose?

Just like all our other Make Shift Coffee Houses, we will run your Make Shift Coffee House on Zoom and broadcast it live for the general public to see.

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Here is a sample Online Make Shift Coffee House hosted by The Patten Free Library in Bath, Maine.

Our topic was “Is violent protest ever justified?” Participants included a police chief, an immigrant author, and a Black Lives Matter protester among others. Click here to watch.

Let’s get YOUR Make Shift Coffee House on the schedule.

Let's Talk.

Americans have strong beliefs, different beliefs, and we are not shy about sharing them or even imposing them on others.

Yet if we have any hope of beating coronavirus or getting through the next election without wanting to kill each other, we need to work together in spite of our differences.

To work with each other we need to talk with each other; two-way, not typing, not shouting.

When we share stories and opinions in real conversation we gain understanding and we build respect. Common ground emerges and we can see that we are on the same team, in the same boat, fellow Americans.

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