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October 15, 2019, Yarmouth, What is Freedom? And how to talk about it.

October 15, 2019 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

At this Make Shift Coffee House we will have an actual conversation about the meaning of freedom and then facilitator/trainer Craig Freshley will help us learn from that conversation. We hope that each person will take away practical tips and tools to use in your own conversations with people who think different from you.

Generically, Freedom is defined as “absence of coercion or constraint in choice or action.” But in the United States the word is iconic, even though the concept of freedom in America has always been in flux. In different eras it’s had different meanings. To the founders it meant freedom from tyrannical government, whether it be the crown or our own. The New Deal cited the power of economic dynasties to be the antithesis of freedom. The Sixties promoted freedom through unfettered individuality. These days, freedom is centered in the markets and the lack of government restraints on the economy.

This bedrock tenet of our nation has always carried a mix of conflicting ideologies. Today, “Freedom” is often used to convince voters that one side or the other is about to take it away.

At this Make Shift Coffee House we want to hear from YOU and why you believe the way you do.

What does “freedom” mean to you?
Which is the most important freedom in your life?
Has your freedom ever been endangered by a different belief?
Is it okay if your idea of freedom collides with your neighbor’s?
Do you question any other view of freedom?
Have you ever felt an absence of freedom?
Are there freedoms you are you most afraid of losing? And why?
How do you wish you had more freedom in Yarmouth? Or that other people had less?

Here are some “freedom conflicts” that we hope to hear your opinions about:
Freedom of Worship / religious oppression/ discrimination
Freedom of Speech / defamation, hate
Freedom of the Press / privacy, fake news,
Freedom from Want / the “nanny state”
Freedom from Fear / things that frighten us
Freedom to Travel / safety/nationalism
Freedom from Environmental Damage / government regulation

These are the types of questions we hope to discuss. What are YOUR answers? Please join us.


This Make Shift Coffee House is part of a series of Make Shift Coffee Houses in Yarmouth, Maine guided by a local committee. The Committee  is co-chaired by Republican Deborah Delp and Democrat Sharon McDonnell. Here are the Committee’s goals:

  1. Help people learn new things about their neighbors.
  2. Grow enthusiasm for working with neighbors to build our community.
  3. Build capacity for talking with our neighbors about difficult topics with integrity and respect.

As with all Make Shift Coffee Houses, this is not a debate. It’s simply about UNDERSTANDING each other’s political views. Come enjoy free food, coffee, music and respectful face-to-face conversation.

All are welcome! No RSVP, registration, or tickets required. Just show up.

Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Greens, Independents, Undecided…we want to hear from everyone!

Click here for specifics about the format and what it’s like to attend a Make Shift Coffee House.

We are happy to announce Edmond Paquin will provide live music!


October 15, 2019
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Patriot Insurance Company
701 US 1 Suite 1
Yarmouth, ME 04096 United States
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