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i have made a career Out of helping people understand each other & make good group decisions

I have facilitated over 3,000 meetings for all kinds of groups, mostly in the public sector. I have written a book called The Wisdom of Group Decisions. Troubled by the growing political divide and by the growing lack of civility in political conversations, I had the idea for a Make Shift Coffee House: a place for people to talk with each other in person, about political issues, with live music, and good food. No charge. All welcome. I organized one in my home town on January 14, 2017. Word has spread and demand for Make Shift Coffee Houses has been growing ever since that first one. I do this work as a volunteer and many others have stepped in to volunteer to help also. It’s bigger than me now. It’s us. This is a new idea, evolving. Not sure where it’s going. If you believe in the idea, thanks for supporting it.
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