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Thursday, June 4

  • 3PM US-ET – Coronavirus - Session Full for Talkers
  • 6PM US-ET – Patriotism - Session Full for Talkers

Friday, June 5

  • 12PM US-ET – Voting - Session Full for Talkers

Tuesday, June 9

  • 3PM US-ET – Patriotism - Craig

Wednesday, June 10

  • 1PM US-ET – Guns - Craig
  • 7PM US-ET – Freedom - Craig

Thursday, June 11

  • 10AM US-ET – Government Role - Craig
  • 2PM US-ET – Coronavirus - Marlene

Friday, June 12

  • 8AM US-ET – Health Care - Craig

Monday, June 15

  • 1PM US-ET – Patriotism - Marlene
  • 4PM US-ET – The Constitution - Craig

Tuesday, June 16

  • 9AM US-ET – Government Role - Craig
  • 12PM US-ET – Freedom - Marlene
  • 3PM US-ET – Energy - Craig

Wednesday, June 17

  • 11AM US-ET – Subsidies - Craig

Thursday, June 18

  • 10AM US-ET – Coronavirus - Craig
  • 1PM US-ET – Health Care - Craig
  • 4PM US-ET – Guns - Craig
  • 7PM US-ET – Foreign Policy - Craig
A Make Shift Coffee House is a free online place where people with different views talk to each other with respect. Each one lasts an hour.  A small group of people with different views have a facilitated discussion while others watch.

Let's Talk.

Americans have strong beliefs, different beliefs, and we are not shy about sharing them or even imposing them on others.

Yet if we have any hope of beating coronavirus or getting through the next election without wanting to kill each other, we need to work together in spite of our differences.

To work with each other we need to talk with each other; two-way, not typing, not shouting.

When we share stories and opinions in real conversation we gain understanding and we build respect. Common ground emerges and we can see that we are on the same team, in the same boat, fellow Americans.

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