What People Say

Here are a few excerpts from written comments that people have submitted about attending a Make Shift Coffee House. For for more commentary or to make your own comments, check out the pages of specific Past Events.

“Friendships and families have become strained and even broken over politics from this past season in a way that I haven’t seen in my lifetime. Craig modeled a way for passionate people to have a conversation for the purpose of understanding rather than for the purpose of persuading. The voices were rational and educated, intelligent and thoughtful- not reduced to oversimplified caricatures.”

“It was a great start to something I hope can continue – maybe occasionally, maybe monthly for a few times?”

“I very much enjoyed this event. I particularly appreciated the eloquence and civility with which differing opinions were expressed throughout the night. Additionally, I found Craig’s calm yet insightful moderating strategy refreshing in this turbulent political climate.”

“I loved the opportunity to interact with people whose views I often wonder about. I don’t normally have the opportunity/ time to chat with folks from a different viewpoint in a meaningful way.”

“I thought it was worthwhile and challenging to speak and listen rather than demonize. The surface was scratched, but I have a lot more listening to do.”

“I’m a democrat and have family and friends who are Republicans. I want to understand their viewpoint and I want mine heard too. It seems to me we are not that far apart.”

“The one thing that we all seem to agree on right now is that ‘the system’ is not working as it is. We really need to find a way to understand one another better so that we can create solutions that are “better than the sum of their parts.”

“Incredible evening, so impressed by the diverse group and conversation! Thank you all that organized this event, and those that attended, you made me very proud of our community tonight! Well done!”

“Great event y’all! Thanks. I am so impressed with our community, and with human capacity to resolve issues when we respect and listen to each other.”

“I think that this forum was well suited to provide attendees with a chance to listen, and to provide comment about the political issues and the growing divide.”

“I hope that this kind of get-together will be repeated in other places, but also again in our area, so that we can begin to create connections across the middle of the political spectrum.”

“I thought it was extremely useful and an excellent example of how it is possible to “talk across the divide”. It has provided me with a specific example to describe to other groups and friends as to how we can do this “work” together and its importance. The questions were right on target and it seemed to particularly helpful that Craig asked each speaker to describe the source of his/her beliefs and ideas.