Ready For Action?

So you have been to a Make Shift Coffee House and you are ready to do more.   What are some next steps you could take?

Consider these ideas for increased engagement.

Beginner Steps

  1. Sign the National Institute for Civil Discourse’s civility pledge and commit to using civility in your life.
  2. Watch this video from Craig, Listen to your Enemies to reiterate the Make Shift Coffee House premise, we don’t have to agree, we just need to understand each other.
  3. Attend another Make Shift Coffee House
Photo Credit: Brunswick Times Record


Intermediate Steps

  1. Sign up to have a conversation with someone different from you at Hi From The Other Side – This website provides a way to sign up to and a conversation guide for when you get paired. They also have a newsletter.
  2. Listen to this edition of On Being where host Krista Tippett answers a listener’s question about a Conversation with a Trump Supporter – Good stuff here about how to have a conversation with someone different.
  3. Bring someone different than you to a Make Shift Coffee House


Advanced Steps

  1. Join the NICD’s Revive Civility Maine Initiative and host a casual get together with a blend of folks from your community. Consider these tools to ensure all of your guests are comfortable.
  2. Host a dinner party with some of your neighbors with different view points. Consider the tools from The People’s Supper.
  3. Host a Make Shift Coffee House in your town. Learn How