Past Events

Learn about each of these past events including links to press coverage and comments.

December 5 2017, Portland, Maine What’s good and bad about Taxes?

November 8 2017, Belfast, Maine   What’s up with the political divide?

October 25 2017, York County Community College, Maine   How do I know what to believe?

October 17 2017, Bowdoin College, Maine   What is the role of morality in politics?

September 9 2017, Hallowell, Maine   Why do Democrats and Republicans see things so differently?

June 21 2017, Yarmouth, Maine    What should be the role of government?

May 6 2017, Lewiston, Maine   What is the rightful role of government?

April 29 2017, Bath, Maine   Exploring our political divides

April 7 2017 Bangor, Maine    Who knows best, our leaders or us?

March 11 2017, Bath, Maine    How do I know what to believe?

January 14 2017, Brunswick, Maine    Questions for the Other Side