Past Events

Learn about each of these past events including links to press coverage and comments.

October 8 2018, Biddeford Maine – Guns

October 10 2018, Portland Maine – Equality

September 27 2018, Windham Maine – Political Divide

August 14 2018, Portland Maine – Can Civility Save Us?

May 29 2018, Camden Maine Why do we see things so differently?

April 26 2018, Rockland Maine Why do we see things so differently?

April 19 2018, UNE, Race

April 4 2018, Bowdoin College, Guns

April 3 2018, Portland Maine Gender Across the Ages

February 15 2018, U Maine Orono How You Vote

February 8 2018, Freedom Maine When should the government hand out money?

January 16 2018, Belfast Maine Why do we see things so differently?

January 11 2018, Kittery Maine What does Patriotism mean to you?

December 5 2017, Portland, Maine What’s good and bad about Taxes?

November 8 2017, Belfast, Maine   What’s up with the political divide?

October 25 2017, York County Community College, Maine   How do I know what to believe?

October 17 2017, Bowdoin College, Maine   What is the role of morality in politics?

September 9 2017, Hallowell, Maine   Why do Democrats and Republicans see things so differently?

June 21 2017, Yarmouth, Maine    What should be the role of government?

May 6 2017, Lewiston, Maine   What is the rightful role of government?

April 29 2017, Bath, Maine   Exploring our political divides

April 7 2017 Bangor, Maine    Who knows best, our leaders or us?

March 11 2017, Bath, Maine    How do I know what to believe?

January 14 2017, Brunswick, Maine    Questions for the Other Side