October 17 2017, Bowdoin College, Morality

The Rightful Role of Morality in Politics

7:30pm to 9:30pm, Dagget Lounge, Thorne Hall, Bowdoin College, 255 Maine Street, Brunswick, Maine

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Can politicians separate their personal morals from their professional? Should they? Are honesty and trustworthiness obstacles to political success? Have our moral standards slipped over time?


With the neighbors and peers that make up our greater Brunswick & Bowdoin community, we will ask which of our community moral standards should extend to our politics.


7:30 pm      Welcome

7:35 pm      Live Music. Table chit chat. Coffee, tea, snacks. 

8:05 pm      Group Conversation

9:00 pm      Live music. Table chit chat. Coffee, tea, snacks. 

9:30 pm      End

This Make Shift Coffee House will be part of the What Matters dialogue series organized by Bowdoin’s Joseph McKeen Center for the Common Good. The program features regular discussions that bring together students, faculty, and staff of different perspectives to share their experiences and learn from one-another. The McKeen Center is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Make Shift Coffee House and expand our perspectives to include those from the Brunswick community!

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