April 29 2017, Bath, Political Divide

Exploring Our Political Divides

Why are we so divided? Why are political differences so hard?

6:30pm to 9:45pm, Patten Free Library, 33 Summer Street, Bath Maine

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According to the Pew Research Center, “Republicans and Democrats are more divided along ideological lines – and partisan antipathy is deeper and more extensive – than at any point in the last two decades……and these divisions are greatest among those who are the most engaged and active in the political process.” See the Political Polarization in the American Public and several other articles on political polarization here.

That’s what the experts say. Come to the Make Shift Coffee House to see what your neighbors say.

Why do YOU think that the country is so divided? How did we get this way? Will it get worse? What would it take for the divide to get smaller; for us to become more politically aligned?

And why are conversations about politics so hard? Has it always been this way? Does our ability to have on-line conversations inhibit our ability to have face-to-face conversations? Do YOU feel more adversarial now than you used to towards people with different political views? If so, why?

These are just some of the questions we will take up informally across tables and in a structured discussion across the room.

Music by Jud Caswell!

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6:30 pm      Live Music. Coffee, tea, snacks. Table chit chat.

7:15 pm      Group Conversation

8:45 pm      Live music. Coffee, tea, snacks. Chit chat.

9:45 pm    End


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This Make Shift Coffee House will be moderated by Craig Freshley of Good Group Decisions. A professional meeting facilitator, Craig will manage a civil exchange of ideas as a neutral third party. It’s not about judging right or wrong or good or bad, it’s about understanding each others’ perspectives.

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