What should be the role of government?

Please share your thoughts below about the Make Shift Coffee House on June 21, 2017 at Yarmouth High School.

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3 thoughts on “What should be the role of government?”

  1. Thanks for your comment, Anne.
    And thanks to you also, Frank.
    It is SO encouraging to receive comments like these.
    I really appreciate that you each took the time to validate what we are trying to do.

  2. Many thanks to Craig and the organizers of the evening!
    I thought it was extremely useful and an excellent example of how it is possible to “talk across the divide”.
    It has provided me with a specific example to describe to other groups and friends as to how we can do this “work” together and its importance.
    The questions were right on target and it seemed to particularly helpful that Craig asked each speaker to describe the source of his/her beliefs and ideas.

  3. It was gratifying to attend the Make Shift Coffee House. I think that this this forum was well suited to provide attendees with a chance to listen, and to provide comment about the political issues and the growing divide. I hope that this kind of get-together will be repeated in other places, but also again in our area, so that we can begin to create connections across the middle of the political spectrum.

    Many thanks to the organizers for providing the venue, and to our moderator who did a great job facilitating discussion.

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