Exploring our political divides (4/29/2017)

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2 thoughts on “Exploring our political divides (4/29/2017)”

  1. Thanks for your comment Lindsay.

    I SO appreciate you taking the time to write these encouraging thoughts.

    See you next time!

  2. Thanks Craig, for a very engaging evening! It was almost overwhelming how many ideas and feelings came up around politics, even in a room full of (mostly) liberals. Thank goodness for your ability and enthusiasm as a facilitator.

    Speaking of all those liberals, perhaps you might suggest that attendees bring someone from the other end of the political spectrum as a way to get a more balanced mix. I can’t imagine that conservatives (in this case) would have passed up an opportunity to share their perspective if they had known that we were really interested in hearing from them.

    The one thing that we all seem to agree on right now is that ‘the system’ is not working as it is. We really need to find a way to understand one another better so that we can create solutions that are “better than the sum of their parts.” (thanks to Laurie for that.)

    This is such important work that you are doing. I’m looking forward to attending as many ‘Coffee Houses’ as I can, with a conservative friend along for the ride!

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