Who knows best, our leaders or us? (4/7/2017)

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5 thoughts on “Who knows best, our leaders or us? (4/7/2017)”

  1. I loved the opportunity to interact with people whose views I often wonder about. I don’t normally have the opportunity/ time to chat with folks from a different viewpoint in a meaningful way. This is essential because we must work together.

  2. Thanks for your comment Doug.

    Next? More speaking and listening.

    I think talking is better than violence; often harder, but usually better.

    I am SO appreciative of you speaking up at the Coffee House. You added so much and gave us all so much think about.

  3. I went to bangor coffeehouse. I thot it was worthwhile and challenging to speak and listen rather than demonize. The surface was scratched, but i have a lot more listening to do. Where to go from here?

    1. Hi Doug, I agree with Craig that your heartfelt, honest comments brought a lot to our discussion on Friday night, and I agree with you that the challenge of speaking/listening rather than demonizing is worthwhile. I have a thought regarding your question about where to go from here: Check out the “Resources for understanding each other” that Craig has assembled to help us all carry on such challenging conversations. Click the link on the left or just go here: http://makeshiftcoffeehouse.com/want-to-learn-more/ Thanks again!

  4. I’m a democrat and have family and friends who are Republicans. I want to understand their viewpoint and I want mine heard too.
    It seems to me we are not that far apart. . . barring far right and far left ideologies.
    There are Republicans I admire and can listen to. Are there Democrats you can listen to?
    We are ALL Americans.

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