How do I know what to believe? (03/11/2017)

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5 thoughts on “How do I know what to believe? (03/11/2017)”

  1. Unless we engage both sides the conversation does achieve its goals. I know what I believe and what those who attended believe , but we were pretty much all liberals and therefore dud not attract a true reoresentation of beliefs oyt there.

  2. What a great discussion last night.

    Heartfelt thanks to those who shared their stories and insights. We heard some really great stuff! And heartfelt thanks to those who listened.

    How do I know what to believe?

    Here’s one answer I heard: “People are afraid and cling to whatever they can to make sense of their crazy lives.”

    What answers did you hear?

    What answers do you have?

  3. Science has an important role to play in these (or similar) discussions. I like the following graphic as a reminder of that:

    [This reply space was unable to handle my graphic but in any case it showed the overlapping relationship between Truth and Beliefs in order to produce human-shared Knowledge.]

    Another interesting resource for finding shared values going forward is a discipline called Appreciative Inquiry (See Wikipedia’s “Appreciative Inquiry” entry or David Cooperrider’s 2005 book on what is now in 2017 such a timely topic.)

    1. Here’s a post-mortem comment on my own comment (I am an Independent):

      Please read “This Article Won’t Change Your Mind: The facts on why facts alone can’t fight false beliefs” in Mar.13’17 The Atlantic.

      The article tells us that BELIEF trumps (no pun intended) FACT when you vote with your tribe. It seems that showing up at the makeshift coffeehouse Jan 14 and Mar 11 was a little more like voting with the “progressive tribe” than a “conservative tribe”.

      So perhaps the April 29 event can be headlined “SUPPORT THIS COUNTRY’S PRESIDENT ELECT” to better ensure that we hear a balance of belief (civil-minded progressives will sneak in).

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