About Make Shift Coffee House

A Make Shift Coffee House is a place where people with different political views can meet and learn from each other. We don’t try to persuade each other and it’s okay if we don’t agree.

Guided by a neutral moderator we ask questions and tell stories. There’s coffee and food and live music. All are welcome.

Good food.    Live music.    Real conversation.

To understand each other’s political views, and hang out.

In the age of the internet it’s easy to choose our sources of information and reinforce what we already believe. It’s easy to surround myself with people that share my views. It’s easy to build opinions in isolation, each of us interacting with our own computer screen. It’s easy to avoid talking face-to-face.

The Make Shift Coffee House is a face-to-face place, in real time, with good old fashioned civic dialogue.

Regardless of who is in power in Washington, Augusta, or your community, it is in our best interest as community members to understand each other. When conservatives are in power, liberals have fear. When liberals are in power, conservatives have fear. And many of us are scratching our heads just trying to figure out who is right and who is wrong. When we try to really understand each other we find that things are rarely black and white, and we find that our fears subside.

In order to work with one another we don’t have to agree, but it really helps to understand what is important to the ‘other side.’ It helps us all make better decisions about our shared future. When it comes right down to it we are in this together. It’s not us vs. them. It’s just us.

Understanding each other helps us get along with each other.

Make Shift Coffee Houses are facilitated by Craig Freshley of Good Group Decisions. A professional meeting moderator, Craig facilitates a civil exchange of ideas as a neutral third party. It’s not about judging right or wrong or good or bad, it’s about understanding each others’ perspectives.

What Makes the Make Shift Coffee House Unique?

There are many types of forums for political discussions, from formal town hall meetings to informal kitchen table conversations. Lots or organizations are experimenting right now with different formats. Lots of people want to talk politics!

Here’s what is unique about the Make Shift Coffee House format:

1. It’s about understanding. Just understanding. Not persuading or agreeing.

2. We are all experts. Everyone has something important to say. There is no one talking from the front of the room who is more expert than anyone else.

3. We are respectful of each other. There is no blaming or shaming. All points of view are listened to with respect.

4. There’s live music to help lighten the mood. There is art in the air to ground us.

5. There’s food to bring us together in the breaking of bread. And of course there’s coffee.

Make Shift Coffee House Guidelines

Explained at the start of every session:

– Speak from your experience.

– Listen to understand.

– Everyone gets a turn.

– No one criticizes.

– Neutral facilitation.

– Share with others.

Video Explanation

Here’s a 4-minute video of Craig explaining the Make Shift Coffee House.

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